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Karndean Flooring, Wood Flooring & Carpets in Walton-on-Thames

For customers in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding Surrey areas who prefer neither carpets nor wood flooring, our Karndean flooring options  provide the perfect solution. As a brand, Karndean is synonymous with the highest quality LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring currently available.


Inspired by natural textures and tones, Karndean flooring authentically recreates materials including timber, slate and marble in a variety of vinyl tiles and vinyl boards. These tiles and boards come in a range of designs, so Walton-on-Thames and Surrey area homeowners can customise their own preferred designs.


For example, a chevron design can be achieved using differing boards and a monochrome effect is possible with contrasting tiles. There are even parquet options available too.

image of a lounge with a karndean wooden floor

What are LVT Products?


LVT products manufactured by Karndean consist of calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride and pigments. These three materials are structured into five layers:


  • Two PVC Backing Layers
  • An HD Photographic Layer
  • A PVC-Embossed Wear Layer
  • A Polyurethane Protective Coating


This combination provides our customers in Walton-on-Thames with durable, flat-lying boards and tiles that retain enough flexibility to be easily cut to measure.


Available in several installation forms, including glue and click mechanisms, Karndean flooring has proved immensely popular due to its hardwearing nature and ultra-realistic appearance.


What are the Benefits of Karndean Flooring?


Customers from Walton-on-Thames, Cobham, Esher, Richmond-upon-Thames and the wider Surrey area who visit our Herhsam-based showroom are always drawn to our Karndean flooring range.


Due to its construction, Karndean flooring is almost indistinguishable from the natural materials it replicates, but comes with a unique set of benefits.


  • Karndean flooring is more durable than genuine wood, stone and ceramic tiles so it resists the rigours place on it by high footfall areas in Walton-on-Thames properties
  • Few other flooring options are as easy to maintain as Karndean flooring. A swift sweep, mop or vacuum cleans up any mess
  • Karndean flooring has a waterproof constitution. Spilt drinks, leaking appliances and messy pets have absolutely no negative effect – except for the brief clean up!
  • The variety of options, and their customisable nature, mean Karndean flooring provides homeowners in Walton-on-Thames a unique design opportunity
  • The HD photographic layer is hyper-relastic, offering a natural wood, stone or ceramic look with the impracticalities of maintaining them
  • Karndean flooring is slip-resistant, making it a perfect flooring option for both domestic and commercial properties where safety is paramount
  • Due to its easy-to-clean nature, Karndean flooring is hygienic as it doesn’t attract dust and mites, and doesn’t absorb stains and smells
  • Properties in Walton-on-Thames and the Surrey area benefit from more warmth underfoot with Karndean flooring compared with natural wood, stone or marble


For more information on our Karndean flooring range, and our installation service, please contact us.


As a locally trusted flooring specialist serving Walton-on-Thames and the neighbouring Surrey areas, Websters Floors Ltd also provides extensive ranges of carpets, wood flooring, Quick-Step flooring and astroturf.

For more information on Karndean flooring in Walton-on-Thames, call 01932 267 787.

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image of a lounge with a karndean wooden floor
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image of a lounge with a karndean wooden floor