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Professional Astroturfing in Walton-on-Thames and the Surrey Area

Are you tired of trying to achieve a perfect lawn? Do you wish you could utilise your garden for more social events? There are countless reasons why property owners in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding Surrey areas underuse their gardens; from not having the time to commit to gardening, to kids and pets making a well-manicured lawn impossible. Here at Webster Floors Ltd, we provide a professional supply and fit astroturfing service to transform any garden or commercial space.


We have now reached the third generation of astroturfing, and it has improved so much in recent years that the quality and texture of expert installations are more realistic than ever.


Consisting of nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene, the current forms of astroturf available to our Walton-on-Thames and Surrey area customers comes with UV resistance and a high tolerance to wear and tear and abrasions.

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How can Astroturf Benefit my Property?


The benefits of installing astroturf at domestic properties or in commercial spaces across Walton-on-Thames and the neighbouring Surrey areas include:


  • A Perfect Solution for Landlords and Tenants
  • Less Hassle for People Often Away with Work
  • No Further Need for Potentially Harmful Pesticides
  • A Perfect Lawn Ready Social Events at a Moment’s Notice
  • Less Time Spent Mowing the Lawn, More Time Spent Relaxing
  • Astroturf Provides a Cleaner Playing Environment for Children and Pets
  • Reduction in Water Usage in Summer Trying to Maintain Healthy-Looking Grass
  • In Commercial Areas, Astroturf Provides a Space for Staff to Relax During Breaks


Our satisfied customers and clients in Walton-on-Thames, Cobham, Esher and across the wider Surrey area unanimously agree that leaving behind yellowing, patchy, high-maintenance grass was a great decision.


For more information about our astroturf stock, please contact us.


An Expert Astroturf Installation Service


Whether in a large domestic garden or a small corner of a commercial property, for astroturf to look its best, it needs to be professionally installed. Here at Webster Floors Ltd, we’ve undertaken countless astroturf installations for domestic customers and commercial clients across Walton-on-Thames.


Astroturfing installations differ from case to case, but they usually follow these basic steps:


  1. Any astroturf installation starts with ensuring there aren’t any cables or pipes within the required digging depth. When this has been confirmed, the current turf is removed to a depth of 2 inches, and the area is cleared of rocks and stones.
  2. If there isn’t any edging for the astroturf to butt up against already in place, it needs to be installed. This can be knocked into place using a hammer and a piece of wood. The exposed edging needs to amount to approximately 3cm in height.
  3. Depending on the drainage capabilities of the soil type at your Walton-on-Thames property, a base of either granite dust or sharp sand needs to be applied to varying degrees before laying a weed membrane over the top. Our personnel ascertain the requirements of individual cases during an initial site visit.
  4. Using years of honed expertise, our personnel carefully lay the astroturf, making sure not to disturb the base layer and weed membrane. For a natural finish, kiln sand can be added at the discretion of our Walton-on-Thames and wider Surrey customers.


Our professional astroturfing service ensures difficult, yet vital, steps such as completing joins, fixing the edges and adhering to required drying-out times are undertaken without any issues.


For all of your domestic or commercial astroturfing needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For more information on astroturfing in Walton-on-Thames, call

01932 267 787.

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For more information on astroturfing in Walton-on-Thames, call 01932 267 787.

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